python-mutagen-doc; Display and manipulate id3-tags on the command-line. A command-line editor to add/edit/remove ID3-tags on mp3 files. It supports version 1.0,1.1,2 ...
  • windows 10 64bit python 2.7 32bit python-docx 0.86 日本語のフォント指定 通常のフォント指定では半角英数だけに適用されているので、 doc = docx.Document(filename) font = doc.styles['Normal'].font = u'HGP創英角ポップ体' 下記のようにするとうまくいくとのこと。

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    All three mutagen-induced models have hypomyelinated peripheral nerves but no evidence of abnormality in brain, spinal cord, or muscle. 44 The number of myelinated fibers is decreased and the existent myelin is abnormally thin. The density of Schwann cells and the amount of endoneurial connective tissue is increased in these nerves.

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    Python pytz module serves the date-time conversion functionalities. Thus, enables users serving international client's base.

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    Mutagen works with Python 2.7, 3.4+ (CPython and PyPy) on Linux, Windows and macOS, and has no dependencies outside the Python standard library. Mutagen is licensed under the GPL version 2 or later. Mutagen是用于处理音频元数据的python模块。

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